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Electronic oil level regulators ERM6

The electronic oil level regulator type ERM6 is a development based on the long-time approved model ERM5. The ERM6 differs from the previous model by its adaptive control behaviour.

While the ERM5 supplies the compressor with lubricant by pre-set opening and closing times of the solenoid valve, the control behaviour of the electronic oil level regulator ERM6 adapts to the filling times of the regulator to actual oil demand of the compressor. Therefore the ERM6 able to keep optimal crankcase oil level in multi compressor units with variable oil carryover rates like for example systems with frequency controlled compressors. Four optical sender/receiver pairs ensure the precisely level monitoring entire the high of the sight glass range. Compared to other optical oil level regulators which are using single-point measurement in the middle of the sight glass and which are using algorithms to detect critical operating states like underfilling or overfilling, the ERM6 detect these conditions in real-time. This real-time measurement is a significant contribution to a high operational safety.

The oil level regulators are released for up to 130 bar in the oil return line and for a working pressure difference of 1.5 ... 100 bar. On the suction side, the oil level regulator is suitable for pressures up to 60 bar or 130 bar (type ERM6-CDH). Main dimensions and connections remain unchanged.

Quality & durability

 - Long lifetime, even under hard working conditions

 - Superior control accuracy for a long compressor lifetime

High plant availability

 - Integrated emergency operation program allows the operation of the compressor under unfavorable working conditions

 - Adaptive Control

Service-orientated design

 - Identification of under and overfilling with signalization to control the compressor

 - No calibration of the sensor is necessary

 - All sensory components can be exchanged for service

Advice: To increase the lifetime of the regulators and to reduce to the service costs we recommend to install oil filters in the oil return line.

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